Your future wallet for the safest, easiest and rewarding web3 experience!

Earn points for using Aurox to get access to giveaways, private events, Aurox ENS username and more.

Keep your crypto safe with advanced phishing protection, transaction simulation & smart contract monitoring.

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Level Up & Unlock Epic Rewards

  • Early access to NFT waitlists and token airdrops

  • Monthly giveaways of crypto, tech and prizes

  • Private Discord channel to get an edge in the crypto market

  • Invites to private events with influential crypto leaders

  • NFT avatar that upgrades as you level up

  • Your free custom Aurox ENS username

Next-Level Security

Aurox Wallet features several security measures that simply do not exist in any other wallet

Download Aurox Wallet For Desktop

Recover your private keys even without your seed phrase

An innovative and groundbreaking approach to help you recover your private keys while maintaining decentralization.

Transaction Simulation

The Aurox Wallet simulates a transaction and displays real-time results before you submit it, preventing you from losing tokens and NFTs to malicious smart contracts.

Advanced Phishing Protection

Proactive protection that warns you before you accidentally disclose your private keys to a phishing page.

Smart Contract Monitoring

Tracks and monitors all the prominent DeFi protocols and warns you if a smart contract is potentially dangerous.

Open Source Audited by CertiK

Aurox’s code is open source and its code is audited by CertiK–the world’s most reputable agency guarantees our code is completely safe.

User Experience

Seriously, check this out.

Single View Portfolio

View all your tokens across different chains in a single view. No need to manually switch chains anymore

Historical portfolio chart

See your complete portfolio value chart since the wallet’s creation.

Market Overview For All DEX Tokens

Quickly see current prices and chart of your favorite tokens

Full token chart and information

Search, view and track any token listed on a decentralized exchange.

Automatic Token Detection

Aurox Wallet will automatically detect, import and display all the tokens you hold. No more fumbling with token addresses.

Monitor NFTs

View & monitor your NFTs directly from your wallet.

Download Aurox Wallet For Desktop

True Gas-less swapping

We’ve completely eliminated the biggest pain point in DeFi; needing ETH to pay for transaction fees.

With the Aurox Wallet, you can execute any token swap while paying the Ethereum network fee in the token you’re selling.

1-Click Cross-Chain Swapping

With 1 single click, you can swap tokens from Ethereum chain to Binance chain. Or any other chain for that matter. The simplest, quickest and easiest way to complete multichain interoperability.

Download Aurox Wallet For Desktop

Turn your wallet into a full-fledged trading terminal.

Our flagship Aurox Terminal is now built directly into the Aurox Wallet extension. Find hot and newly listed tokens or NFTs. Monitor the entire DeFi market. Chart and trade them without ever needing to connect your wallet to a 3rd party dApp. The full mode is fully decentralized and hosted locally, right inside your browser.

Get 50% commission for referrals

Refer your friends to become part of the Aurox Nation and we’ll split up to 50% of our revenue with you! You can find the referral link inside your Aurox Wallet.

Hold $URUS & Unlock Free Trades

Aurox token holders will unlock unique discounts on their trades

  • Gas discounts & rebates
  • Reward multipliers

Aurox Wallet Ambassadors

Reeve Banaron

Chief Strategy Advisor

Reeve is a successful entrepreneur and early investor in the emerging ad tech space, completing multiple acquisitions across the digital ecosystem, including VisiSeek and Invertise. In addition to his principal role at AUDIENCEX, he is deeply involved in bringing to market game-changing technology products for growing brands and agencies.

Michael Huynh

Chief Marketing Advisor

Michael Huynh is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of DCENTRAL. Michael has been involved in crypto marketing, tokenomics, and community building for multiple high reputation crypto companies including Matic Network (Polygon), Unilend, Chromia, Quickswap, and Persistance since 2017.

Steve Lehr

Chief Software Advisor

Steve Lehr is an entrepreneur, investor and an expert in developing software and platforms. Steve has worked closely with companies like Google and SalesForce. As a founder of RingLead, Steve built an industry-leading data orchestration provider RingLead which was acquired by ZoomInfo in 2021.

Bryce Case Jr

Chief Security Advisor

YTCracker been raising security threats for more than two decades. He created one of the first forums dedicated to monetizing the internet, Digital Gangster. Today, Case leads a team of AppSec + OffSec engineers and whitehat hackers at Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aurox Wallet free?
Yes, Aurox Wallet is completely free to download and use

Yes, Aurox Wallet is completely free to download and use

Do I need to pay anything to get all the extra benefits/rewards?

No. You will simply use the Aurox wallet the way you would use a regular wallet. But with Aurox wallet, your activity earns you points that give you extra benefits no other company offers to its users.

How exactly does gas-less swapping work?

Aurox will automatically sell a fraction of the token you’re trying to swap from to ETH, and utilize the ETH to pay for the network fee. All done automatically and without you needing any ETH in your wallet.