Make Educated Trades Decisions With Our All-in-one Crypto Trading Terminal

Aurox Terminal is designed to help users make educated trades decisions by allowing them to monitor the entire cryptocurrency market, chart, trade, and use our proprietary indicators in one single view

We Empower Crypto Traders With Cutting-edge Information to Help You Trade Like a Pro

Crypto trading isn’t easy. Most traders learn from years of making mistakes. But that takes money, time and effort. We wondered “what if there was a platform that let you skip those early mistakes and avoid pitfalls and time-sinks?“


No more fragmented data
from multiple exchanges


Intuitive, clean user
interface and experience


Timely alerts on new


Proprietary indicators
helps spot market trends


Strategy guides developed by
experienced crypto investors


Ability to trade on multiple
exchanges with a single platform

Created by traders for traders

The Aurox Terminal was born out of necessity. Our founders struggled to find the software required to make educated and smart crypto trades in the early days back in 2016. Even with prior stock market trading experience, our founders found crypto trading to be difficult.

For this reason, the Aurox Terminal was developed to help make educated trades by providing access to detailed information, proprietary indicators, and up-to-date data all in one centralized location.

Powerful Tools for Your Next Trade

Access proprietary indicators to assist you in reading the market and make well-informed decisions

A.I. Indicator
A.I. Indicator
On-chain Indicators
On-chain Indicators
Sentiment Indicator
Sentiment Indicator

Start Trading With Cutting-edge Analytics Tools

The Aurox Terminal is backed by a scalable and solid backend infrastructure paired with incredible functionalities

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Track Market Fluctuations

Use our proprietary scanning tool to identify bullish and bearish movements across indicators such as DI, DMI, and MACD while filtering out tokens without any technical momentum

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Receive Timely Alerts for New Opportunities

Set up email alert to be notified for long or short signal triggers based on our proprietary Aurox Indicator

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Link Exchange or Wallet to Trade From the Aurox Terminal

Connect your Web3 wallet or API keys to trade on over 25+ DEX and CEXs all from the Aurox Terminal

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Customizable Workspace Environment

Our user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and comes equipped with comprehensive research tools to help you spot trends early and make smarter decisions

Supported by a Community of Traders With Deep Expertise

Aurox isn’t just a software. It’s an entire ecosystem designed to help you succeed with high-quality insights and custom trading strategies


Custom strategies
and guides


Telegram channel with 10,000+ of users sharing strategies and tips


Direct support from
our team

One Versatile Platform

Trade on over 25+ exchanges with the press of a few buttons. No more logging into exchange to find the best prices. Place orders on any exchange from your Aurox Terminal

“The Aurox Terminal has made it so much easier to view the entire market and spot trends with a click of a button”

78% of people that have used Aurox said it helped them make educated and better trades. Come join them, today.

Steve Stead Testimonial
Steve Stead

Aurox has all my trading needs in one. Its great that I can trade multiple CEX's and place DEX spot orders all from the same place, and their indicators have been a game changer!

Tony Faria Testimonial
Tony Faria

Life has never been quite the same since that fateful day. This Package is the real deal, thank you Team Aurox.

Ben Perry Testimonial
Ben Perry

Being able to view almost every crypto chart from my mobile or laptop wherever I am in the world and being able to utilise the vast array of indicators and trading tools - and place orders and trades directly in the Aurox Terminal - means there is no comparison to Aurox.

Jason Portell Testimonial
Jason Portell

Aurox is the best trading platform I have used since entering the crypto space. Ease of use for “all in one” DeFi and CeFi trading is unmatched. Their URUS token has some of the best utility around, and their community is the most positive and helpful in all of crypto.

Rebecca Coffey Testimonial
Rebecca Coffey

Aurox makes using charts so clear and simple. I started using it as a beginner and I’ve learned so much from the platform and guides. I would feel blind without it now.