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Urus Token
Urus Token

Urus Token

Combining DeFi With A Tried & Tested Aurox Terminal Used By Thousands.

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  • Protocol

    Lending Protocol

    Urus token powers the Aurox
    DeFi Lending protocol with the highest APY on the market.

  • Token

    ERC20 Contracts

    Contracts that have been audited and run on the Ethereum chain.

  • Combination

    Aggregated Liquidity

    Combines liquidity from all centralized exchanges to allow traders to place orders with lowest slippage and fees

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The Aurox lending protocol allows users to borrow cryptocurrency within the Aurox Terminal. Traders can then place orders on a combined all-in-one order book which taps into liquidity from multiple different exchanges.

The Lending protocol combined with the Aurox terminal allows traders to execute using margin and leverage of up to 4x. Margin and leverage trading guarantee high interest yields for the lenders, while allowing traders to execute short term high volume trades with low amounts of required collateral.