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Join nearly 100,000 traders using intelligent market insights, price movement indicators and sentiment analysis to make smarter, more profitable trades.


“Best platform I have ever used and I have tried them all.”

Join new and experienced traders using Aurox to up their crypto game.

Our Mission

Smarter plays made simple

Whether you’re new to trading or bought your first BTC in 2010, you’ll find everything you need to take your trading to the next level on the Aurox platform. With charts, intelligent price indicators, customizable workspaces and more, Aurox has everything you need to trade, borrow, lend and manage your crypto, all in one place.

Trade like a pro from day one

We interviewed hundreds of traders to build a better, simpler and smarter trading platform.

No more confusing exchange interfaces

Make faster trades on the only platform that lets you place orders from multiple CEXes and DEXes using one simple interface.

Super simple trading

Placing market or limit orders on decentralized exchanges has never been easier.

Trade on 60+ exchanges from a single interface

Trade on multiple exchanges, all from one place.

Customize your trading interface

Add widgets & create fully customizable workspaces.

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Stay one step ahead of the market

Trade smarter and make bigger gains, even if you’re new to the game. Just point, click and profit.

Get accurate market predictions

Make smarter trades with buy and sell indicators that predict market movement with over 70% accuracy

Read the market like a pro

Use hundreds of on-chain and off-chain indicators to spot trends ahead of time.

Access Custom Tailored Strategies

Learn and implement strategies written by us and our users to maximize your trading.

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Aurox Trade

Coming soon

When you place an order through Aurox Trade, the protocol automatically taps into multiple liquidity pools and splits your order into smaller chunks across top exchanges. The result?

Aurox Trade
  • Maximum liquidity
  • Minimum slippage
  • Lowest gas fees

Aurox Lend

Coming soon

Our simple to use lending protocol is set to solve all major issues of centralized lending protocols: high margin fees and high risk of liquidation.

Aurox Lend
  • 4x Leverage
  • Highest interest rates
  • Liquidation / increase notification

The token powering simpler DeFi

Get in early on Urus, the token powering the entire Aurox Infrastructure, and unlock exclusive functionality on the Aurox Platform.

How the token’s distributed

Tokens created by the contract will be distributed based on the following:

Chart 1
Percentage 1
  • Team investment
  • Exchange listing reserve
  • Reserves
  • Yield
  • Uniswap listing
How we use our proceeds

Contributions for our token sale will be utilized across the following categories:

Chart 2
Percentage 2
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Platform development
  • Save up to 50% on your trading fees (coming soon)
  • Get access to exclusive signals and indicators
  • Massive incentives for liquidity miners and stakers
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Aurox price (URUS)

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Get in early on the protocol that’s simplifying DeFi.

Buy $URUS and unlock pro features

You can check the Step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase URUS or check out our guides on how to buy URUS on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and

Get in before we grow even bigger

Stage 1

Stage 2

Q2 | 2022

Aurox Wallet

Stage 3

Q3 | 2022

Aurox Mobile W/
Aurox Trade & Lend

Stage 4

Q4 | 2022

Full Aurox Terminal

Stage 5