Meet your new favorite crypto wallet

Say hello to Aurox Wallet, the multi-chain browser wallet designed for safer storage, better security, and smarter insights.

  • Wallet

    Simplest and most feature rich Web3 wallet

  • Protection

    Protect yourself against phishing and honeypot contracts

  • Investment

    Invest with fiat, trade or cash out, straight from your wallet

  • Slippage

    Trade smarter with live coin prices and information

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A Web3 wallet reimagined with you in mind

Security. Simplicity. Usability. It’s time for you to enjoy your decentralized application experience.


$100M+ has been lost this year alone because of critical security issues with Web3 wallets.

Make sure your investments are protected with next-level security from Aurox Wallet.

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EasyFi Hacked for Over $80 Million in Raccoonface Attack

Created Apr 20, 2021

Celsius lost $54 million Bitcoin by using Raccoonface for customer funds

News • Dec 8, 2021

Crypto Investors Duped of $1 Million via Bogus Raccoonface

Cryptocurrency News • Dec 29, 2021

Investors Lose Over $1 Million in Fake Raccoonface Token

Crypto News • Dec 30, 2021

Raccoonface Knows It Has a Critical Privacy Vulnerability, But Hasn't Fixed It

Analysis • by Vishal Chawla

A recent crypto scam affected users of Badger DAO, a DeFi earning platform.

Analysis • by Blind Boxes

Bored Ape NFT Collector Loses $2.2M in Phishing Scam

News • Dec 30, 2021

$1.8M Lost to fake Raccoonface Token Honeypot Scam

Analysis • Dec 28, 2021

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Stay two steps ahead of hackers and scammers

Completely non-custodial with baked-in whitelisted smart contracts, best-of-breed security against honeypot and phishing contracts, and tools to prevent bad transfers.

  • 2Factor

    2-Factor Authentication

    Add an extra layer of security and peace of mind with 2FA.

  • Smart contract

    Smart contract whitelists

    Get an idea of risk before you send with vetted and ranked smart contract lists

  • Key protection

    Secure private key protection

    Protect your private keys with multi-step verification process

  • Tor

    TOR support

    Buy and sell crypto without sacrificing your anonymity.

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Win $10,000 of gas-free trading

Join the Aurox wallet pre-release waitlist to get 1 gas-free trade, 3 months of fee-free trading and a chance to win $10,000 of gas-free trading.

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*early access users will still have to pay gas fees, but no Aurox Wallet fees for the first 3 months.

This isn’t just a wallet. It’s your shortcut to smarter investments.

Whether you want to track the trades or certain wallets, get notifications of trending coins or just keep an eye on the market, your Aurox wallet has everything you need to make smarter trades and stay on top of your investments.


Buy, store, send and swap tokens


Whitelisted smart contracts for peace of mind


Support for all EVM chains


Connect to everything Web3.0 has to offer


Complete ownership of your data


Swap directly from fiat to any DEX token

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Demand more from your crypto wallet

Aurox Wallet wasn’t just designed to give you super-secure storage for your tokens and assets. It’s also a lightweight trading platform that makes it easier than ever to make trades, turn a profit and cash out, directly from your wallet.


Keep all your punks, apes and meebits all in one place

With a built-in OpenSea integration, your Aurox wallet won’t just let you store your NFTs, but you’ll also be able to see the latest prices, market caps, floors, and information to help you grow your collections and make smarter decisions.


Say goodbye to remembering 12-word seed phrases

DeFi doesn’t have to mean remembering complicated seed phrases or locking pieces of paper in safes. Instead, choose your own security questions that are unique to you and access your wallet any time you need to. No queries to our backend. No centralized elements. Just pure DeFi, without the complications.


Swap without worrying about gas

With our gas-less swapping contracts, you will no longer have to use blockchain native tokens to execute swaps. Instead, you’ll be able to pay gas using any token!


See your portfolio’s growth at a glance

While it might not have the full range of insights of the Aurox platform, the Aurox wallet still gives you a high-level understanding of the performance and growth of your investments.

Hold $URUS and unlock unlimited free trades

Swap fee

Unlock swap-fee free trades for as long as you hold $URUS.


Unlock free trades and reduced gas fees when you stake $URUS.


Trade on any chain

Your Aurox multi-chain, in-browser wallet is your one-stop-shop to manage your entire crypto portfolio -- from ETH to BSC tokens -- across all EVM chains.


Get the best price execution straight from your wallet

Make sure you’re getting the best price execution without leaving your wallet by using Aurox’s built-in DEX aggregator to get you the best possible price with the lowest possible slippage.


Keep an eye on whales or influencers

Set up alerts and notifications on any other wallet and get notified every time they make a move or a swap so you can copy their strategies or make your own moves.


Keep tabs on your favorite coins

Everyone has their favorite token and that alt-coin that you hope might 100x. Keep tabs on your investments with full charts and prices for every token, set up a favorites list to check in on your investments, or monitoring the entire DEX market. All directly from your wallet.


Get DEX insights straight to your wallet

Whether you want to track newly listed tokens, coins that trending or spot patterns like sudden increase of holders, in-wallet notifications make it easier than ever before to stay two steps ahead of the market. Just set up your tags and get updates directly to your Market tab.