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The Most Secure Crypto Wallet With Rewards

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Chico Crypto
Tyler Swope
Satoshi Stacker
Just Stacking Sats
Joe Blackburn
CryptoCoinTrader Founder



Level Up & Earn  
Exclusive Rewards

NFT Avatar
Gas-Free Trades
IDO Presales
Private Trading Courses
NFT Whitelists
Private Discord
Com-Gated Parties
Unique Web3 Username


Your Own NFT  

Every user gets their own NFT avatar that  
automatically upgrades as you use the  
wallet–you can keep or sell it.


Gated Events


A Unique Web3 Username

Receive a unique FIO & ENS username for simplified transfers.


IDO Presales & NFT Whitelists


Private DeFi community on Aurox Discord


Gas-Free Trades


In Crypto, Hacks and Scams Run Rampant

Aurox wallet offers users  
unparalleled security

2FA Enabled
Quickly set up 2FA to protect your wallet and enable multi-recovery method
Security Questions
You can encrypt your private key with an additional 3 security questions, allowing you a second recovery method.
Smart Contract Whitelisting
Scam contracts are on the rise, and you need to be protected. The Aurox Wallet detects fake contracts and warns you before transacting.
Recoverable 12-key passphrase
Recover your 12-key passphrase using our proprietary and decentralized system.
Auto Phishing Protection
The wallet's proactive approach detects and prevents you from accidentally disclosing your 12 key passphrase to hackers and scammers

Powerful & Unique Functionalities

Track, invest, monitor and generate yield from 10s of thousands of tokens in one single panel

Track Historical  
Portfolio Value
Live Prices & Full  
Market Overview
First True Gas-less  
One-Click Cross-  
Chain Swapping
List-Trade-Send NFTS  
Right From Your Wallet
Stake Directly From  
Your Wallet
No Need to Import 3rd party Tokens
Multichain in one single view

Hold $URUS & Unlock Free Trades

Aurox token holders will unlock unique discounts on their trades

Gas discounts & rebates
Reward multipliers
Aurox Wallet  
Reeve  Benaron
Steve  Lehr
Bryce Case Jr
World renowned security expert and senior security engineer at Amazon


Aurox wallet is a solid and secure place to store cryptocurrency. The guys behind the wallet and Aurox itself are the very definition of brilliance.

Tim Pace

Cryptocurrency Analyst
Aurox trading terminal has been a vital tool for my trading journey, and now with the Aurox wallet, this great team is bringing the needed tools to manage your crypto journey from end to end.

Wayne Marcel

Wayne Marcel, FIO, Head of Business Development
After trying so many different crypto wallets, I've found the Aurox wallet is the easiest, most secure crypto wallet available.

Cassie Wolf

Web3 Community Builder
Aurox has spent years as first party witness to this and set out to fill the holes in the blockchain space by taking a user first approach and a security always approach. There is simply not another project or team I trust more in crypto than Aurox.

Joe Blackburn

Joe Blackburn Founder of Crypto Coin Trader
They focused on building a wallet that's easy for anyone to use, while also adding new features never seen before in a Web3 wallet. The Aurox Wallet will truly be the most secure, rewarding, and user friendly crypto wallet launched to date.

Daryl Yourk

Senior Solutions Architect at Microsoft (Aurox Adivsor)
I’ve been into Crypto and DeFi for a number of years now, but I still feel very insecure whenever I sign or execute a transaction. Utilising the Aurox Wallet’s safety features allowed me to feel safer when interacting with smart contracts.

Dusan Misic

Software Engineer, Crypto Enthusiast

All Spots Have Been Filled. 1,000 New Spots Open in 7 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aurox Wallet free?
Yes, Aurox Wallet is completely free to use
Do I need to pay anything to get all the extra benefits?
No. You will simply use the Aurox wallet the way you would use a regular wallet. But with Aurox wallet, your activity earns you points that give you extra benefits no other company offers to its users.

Another way to unlock benefits is to complete simple missions. You get all the details on your email, so don't forget to check it out.
Why are you accepting only 10,000 people?
The Aurox Wallet will be an extremely exclusive product, similar to American Express Black Card. Our current community and users will automatically receive access. However, we'll be accepting an additional 10,000 people who aren't currently part of our community
What features will be released as part of the MVP and when?
Almost every single feature listed on this website will be released as part of the MVP in Q3 of 2022. A lot more secret and groundbreaking features are already in development and will be revealed after the initial release
All Spots Have Been Filled
The Most Secure Crypto Wallet With Exclusive Rewards