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Explore the Aurox Advanced Indicators

Point, click and profit without any prior trading knowledge.

01 Aurox Indicator

Over 80% accurate at predicting price & printing money.

Simply follow the green and red arrows, drawn on ANY pair, to execute your trades. That's it! Just watch as you stack up your money and successful trades one after another.

Allows you to quickly execute successful trades with 0 experience.

02 Aurox Lines

Discover Trend, Support & Resistance Lines With 1 Click.

Without any trade analysis knowledge, you'll be able to see S/R & Trend Lines drawn right on the chart. Place orders at the most opportune areas and watch the price swing right after your order executes.

Allows you to find price trends and breakouts

03 Fear & Greed​

Watch The Sentiment & Accumulate Cheap Crypto.

Sentiment is the #1 driving force behind crypto and with our Fear & Greed indicator, you'll be able to easily find the perfect areas to accumulate cryptocurrency based on global sentiment.

Allows you to buy up cheap crypto.

04 Volume Profile​

One of the most powerful indicators out there.

Find the major resistance areas with just 1 click by finding the price ranges where majority of trading took place.

Allows you to find the perfect areas to set your limit or stop loss orders.

05 TD Sequential Indicator

Another indicator with proven accuracy.

Find when pumps and dumps are losing steam and capitalize instantly by either going long or short at the peak price areas.

Allows you to quickly find the peaks & troughs with 0 experience.

60+ Exchanges &
10k+ Pairs Supported

  • xrp

  • dash

  • btc

  • neo

  • waves

  • zec

  • rads

  • steem

  • coinbase
  • bittrex
  • bitfinex
  • bitmex
  • bitstamp
  • binance
  • hitbtc
  • kraken
  • poloniex

More features Workspace management

Create an environment to be successful.

Launch as many widgets as you want, such as chart & order book. Focus on important data & widgets so you don’t miss profitable trades because of disorganized workspace, lagging widgets, and useless information.

Explore the Aurox What else do you get?

Some more features to help you start earning with no previous knowledge at all.

Aurox Lite Mobile Support

A Lite version of Aurox is supported using the phone, which includes the custom indicators, tracking of prices across all the exchanges, signals, alerts, time & sales filtering and more.

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Pricing Simple plans for everyone

Stay at free plan or get more with paid subscription of Aurox

We’re developing! There’s more features coming by the end of 2020!

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