Urus Token

Integrating DeFi Into A Terminal Used By Thousands


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Thousands of users currently utilize Aurox products, and now with the help of the Urus Token, Aurox will revolutionize trading.

Urus Token combines the highest APY decentralized lending protocol with the most powerful and liquid trading terminal on the market.

Proven Products With Thousands Of Users

Urus Token Will Be Integrated Into Both Of Our Flagship Products Used By Thousands Of Daily Traders


Aurox Terminal

The terminal which redefined trading in cryptocurrency. Aurox Terminal enables traders to customize their workspaces, chart and place orders across 60+ exchanges, and much more. Thousands of users have flocked to the Aurox terminal and it's advanced indicators to help them execute quick and profitable trades.

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Aurox Markets

The first and only market cap website that cuts through the BS. Aurox Markets eliminates exchanges faking volumes and routinely delists scam tokens. Aurox Markets is the first line of defense for investors researching real statistics of cryptocurrencies.

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Token Features

Liquidity Yield Mining

Provide liquidity to Urus Uniswap listing and earn Urus tokens at one of the highest yields on the market. But unlike other overnight tokens, providing liquidity to the Urus token means you're investing in a project with value and the ability to triple your portfolio.

APY On Launch: 195%
APY On Launch: Up To 30%

Token Staking

Stake your Urus tokens to earn the best interest rates on the market. The longer you stake, the more bonus Urus tokens you'll earn. Anyone that breaks their staking contract will be fined, and that fine will be redistributed to other stakers!

Trading Fee Discounts

The Urus token will provide discounts to users using the Aurox Lend/Trade infastructure. Get Up to 50% discounts on fees, including both Spot and Margin trading


Interest Rate Boost

Users who lend on Aurox Lend have the option to receive their interest earnings in URUS token with a 20% boost on their yield.

The Urus Token will power a decentralized lending and borrowing platform integrated with a low-cost, fast-executing trading platform with 4X margin lending capabilities.

Two highly advanced, yet easy to use, platforms that function in unison to deliver a seemless lending and trading platform for all Crypto users


Aurox Trade

Aurox Trade allows traders to borrow directly from Aurox Lend and trade without having to transfer funds to an outside exchange. Aurox Trade aggregates order books from multiple exchanges and places orders behind the scenes on the lowest priced one. This allows Aurox Trade to deliver the deepest order book and highest liquidity.


Forget having multiple exchange accounts, Aurox Trade allows you to place orders on any exchange from one single account.


Never before seen anywhere else, traders will be able to earn interest on your unused funds automatically. No need to lock up your funds, you'll earn interest simply by having a balance on your account.


Allows users to borrow funds from Aurox Lend and execute margin trades on any coin supported by any exchange!

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Aurox Lend

An on-chain DeFi protocol allowing lenders to earn interest rates on their unused assets, while borrowers will be able to deposit just 25% collateral without the risks of getting liquidated by fast price movements. Lenders will be able to earn the highest APY on the market by simply parking their tokens into Aurox Lend, but having the ability to withdraw at any time.


Lenders on Aurox Lend will be able to receive the highest and stable interest rates.


Funds margin orders on Aurox Trade which allows for Lenders to generate higher yield than competitors.


On-chain protocol allows lenders to lend even the most speculative tokens for extremely high interest rates.

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Token Economics

Aurox will create a total of 1 Million URUS Tokens.

The token launch will take place on Uniswap. There will be no seed, or private sale to make sure the public market is not tainted by VC's dumping their tokens onto the public. Aurox has taken every precaution to make sure the launch is fair, including limiting the teams token supply.

Uniswap Listing
450, 000 URUS Market Cap: $100,000
token price = $0.22
Yield/Public Allocation
250, 000 URUS

The entire Aurox infastructure is fully self funded and provided free to traders. The goal of Urus is to create the same equal atmosphere for the holders by introducing a token driven by the public demand. Token created for crypto users, by crypto users.

  • The team has invested $600,000 creating the Aurox infastructure, including Urus. The team will exchange their investment for 150,000 1 Year locked tokens and futher VESTED for 2 years at 20x the token launch value. Therefore, the team will in essence purchase the vested tokens for $4 each.
  • Not a single token will be given out to influencers, Venture Capitals, advisors, airdrops or anyone else.
  • All additional tokens will be distributed to the public and token holders via the yield and staking contracts.
  • If at any time, the team intends to sell their tokens on the market, token holders will be notified 30 days ahead of the sale, the amount being sold, and the reason for the sale.
  • To further drive up the price of the token, any revenue generated by Aurox Lend & Trade will be used to routinely to buy back the Urus token supply and redistributed to token stakers and yield miners.

Token distribution

Tokens created by the contract will be distributed based on the following:


Use of Proceeds

Any and all profits generated by the token listing and Aurox Lend/Trade will be utilized on:



  • Q1 | 2019

    • Aurox Terminal Begins Development
  • Q2 | 2020

    • Aurox Terminal Alpha Release
    • Aurox AI Optimized Indicator Release
  • Q3 | 2020

    • Aurox Terminal Beta Release
  • Q4 | 2020

    • Aurox Terminal V1 Complete
    • Urus Whitepaper Complete
  • Q1 | 2021

    • Aurox Markets Beta Release
    • Terminal, Markets and Urus Websites Completed
    • Urus Token Private Testnet
    • Urus Token Public Launch
    • Aurox Mobile Release
  • Q3 | 2021

    • Aurox Trade Release
  • Q4 | 2021

    • Aurox Lend Release


Giorgi Khazaradze

Giorgi Khazaradze


Involved in almost every niche that can generate money, Giorgi has done it all. While getting his Computer Science degree at the most in-demand school in the nation, he dropped out as a senior to focus and help generate close to 10 million dollars for his e-Commerce business. While at the same time, he applied every one of his skills in marketing, software development, and cryptocurrency to turn Aurox into the most popular terminal on the market.

Taras Andreyevich

Taras Andreyevich


A serial entrepreneur from the young age of 14. Taras started helping affiliate and e-Commerce companies by delivering massive amounts of traffic and generating millions of dollars in revenue each year. He sought to invest his profits into stocks, and then cryptocurrencies in early 2014. After spending years learning and honing his skills, he developed an algorithm that would eventually become the Aurox indicator, capable of predicting market movements at 70%+ accuracy.

Ziga Naglic

Ziga Naglic


A self-taught developer turned entrepreneur. Ziga used his expertise to launch multiple software as service products that have generated 7 figures each year to this day. Not only has he spoken at some of the biggest conferences in the affiliate marketing field, but Ziga has single-handedly developed software that has helped other entrepreneurs make millions of dollars. Aurox’s groundbreaking products show off his hands-on approach, passion for software development, and desire to help others become successful.