Get involved in a movement putting DeFi in the hands of millions


Real product used by thousands


Gas-less trading on any DEX

Cross Chain

Cross-chain interoperability


Liquidity & Staking Incentives

Deflationary tokenomics

Deflationary tokenomics


No bridging and Layer 2


Simplified DeFi trading


Let’s take DeFi mainstream

200M people invest and trade cryptocurrencies, but only 4M use a decentralized exchange. Barriers to entry, horrible UX and sky-high fees are stopping it reaching mass adoption. We’re changing that.


No failed transactions


Low transaction fees


Simple UX


Full decentralization


Cross-chain trading


No bridges

Point. Click. Purchase

Designed for mass adoption, Aurox will make it easier than ever to invest in any token on any DEX and chain. Bringing together proprietary cross-chain interoperability contracts and a clean and usable interface, Aurox lets you trade using the deepest DEX liquidity sources. It’s quick. It’s safe. And it’s designed to make it easy for anybody to get into DeFi.

The $URUS Token - Powering Aurox Protocols

By powering Aurox, the Aurox token helps lower the barrier to get into the DeFi space, giving new investors an easy way into crypto ecosystem and ensuring our long term growth.


Locked in DEX listing liquidity


Tokens in circulation


Locked in staking contracts

Gas free trading

Save thousands on network transaction fees by staking $URUS.

Deflationary with token burns

Earn a share of Aurox profits via buy back & burn

Unlock the full power of the Terminal

Stake to access pro-level insights into the market.

Sky high interest for liquidity providers

One of the highest LP mining liquidity rewards

Stake & get rewarded

Earn more Aurox Tokens by staking

Get In Early

Get in early

DeFi is booming and Aurox is becoming the go-to DeFi tool for crypto newbies and experienced investors alike to make smarter plays. Get in early on the protocol that aims to make DeFi simple.

DeFi without the headaches

The Aurox Terminal and mobile application completely eliminates all the complex DeFi problems. Aurox makes it easy for anyone to purchase decentralized exchange (DEX) listed tokens without even realizing they’re interacting with smart contracts. A simple frontend powered by DeFi. Link any wallet, use any token, and purchase any other token. It’s that simple.

Aurox Terminal

Thousands of users utilize our powerful Terminal, and soon, the backend will be powered by our complex order routing smart contracts. Users can simply search for any token of their dreams and immediately purchase it. For example, Buy BNB on the Binance Chain using USDC on the Ethereum Chain.

Aurox Terminal
Aurox Mobile
Coming soon

The easiest and simplest way to invest and trade thousands of tokens in a truly decentralized manner. The Aurox Mobile application gives you access to trade any token on any chain with a tap of a button. Every single DEX listed token is at your fingertips.

Aurox Mobile

Coming soon

Aurox Trade: the DeFi backend making trading simple

Utilizing the power of smart contracts to create an unified decentralized trading experience, Aurox Trade is a completely decentralized aggregation system that makes investing and trading easy.


Minimal Slippage


Deepest Decentralized Liquidity

Cross Chain

Cross-chain Trading & Interoperability


Gas-less Transactions

Network Switching

No More Network Switching


Interest On Unused Funds

DEX Margin Trading

DEX Margin Trading


Coming soon

Aurox Lend: boost your gains or earn sky-high APY

Meet Aurox Lend, the most complex and utility-driven lending protocol on the market. Not only can you use it to lend or borrow funds directly, but use the liquidity to execute cross-chain orders via Aurox Trade.


Generate yield from borrowers AND Traders


Highest interest rates of any lending protocol


Decentralized and transparent


The token powering simpler DeFi

Get in early on Urus, the token powering the entire Aurox Infrastructure, and unlock exclusive functionality on the Aurox Platform.

How the token’s distributed

Tokens created by the contract will be distributed based on the following:

Chart 1
Percentage 1
  • Team investment
  • Exchange listing reserve
  • Reserves
  • Yield
  • Uniswap listing
How we use our proceeds

Contributions for our token sale will be utilized across the following categories:

Chart 2
Percentage 2
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Platform development
  • Save up to 50% on your trading fees (coming soon)
  • Get access to exclusive signals and indicators
  • Massive incentives for liquidity miners and stakers

Get in early on the protocol that’s simplifying DeFi.

Buy $URUS and unlock pro features

You can check the Step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase URUS or check out our guides on how to buy URUS on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and

Get in before we grow even bigger

Stage 1

Stage 2

Q2 | 2022

Aurox Wallet

Stage 3

Q3 | 2022

Aurox Mobile W/
Aurox Trade & Lend

Stage 4

Q4 | 2022

Full Aurox Terminal

Stage 5